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Interim NHS People Plan

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NHS People Plan 2020/21

The 'We are the NHS: People Plan 2020/21 - action for us all', along with 'Our People Promise', was published on the 30th July 2020.  It builds on the Interim NHS People Planand its vision for people who work for the NHS to enable them to deliver the NHS Long Term Plan.  That vision includes making the NHS the best place to work.  As the national workforce system for the NHS, the Electronic Staff Record is the key system enabler, supporting the NHS to realise the vision, harnessing technology to improve systems and processes for NHS organisations and its workforce, to provide a national workforce solution to meet its current and future needs.

You can read our full response to the NHS People Plan 2020/21; action for us all and learn more about how ESR can support your to deliver its vision for the NHS workforce by clicking the image opposite  Arrow

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Doctors in Training

The Doctors in Training (DiT) Programme recognises the pressure on resources and an increasing demand for a highly skilled competent workforce to meet the demands of todays' NHS and supports employers to streamline their local recruitment, pre-employment, induction and onboarding processes.  ESR provides the functionality to facilitate the transfer of employee data (via the Inter Authority Transfer process) across NHS organisations before a doctor starts in post, supporting organisations to provide a positive and efficient new starter experience for new doctors.

To help NHS organisations undertake the actions outlined by the national DiT Programme Team, the NHS ESR Team has developed guidance documents and an ESR New Starter Journey that organisations can use to support their work to improve the experience of their Doctors in Training. 


You can access these guidance documents and the ESR DiT New Starter Journey by clicking the icons below