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Business Challenges
Interim NHS People Plan

Workforce Intelligence

The Lord Carter Report looks at improving productivity and making efficiency savings in the NHS. It highlights the importance of data quality in producing accurate metrics, and notes... Read more

Workforce Intelligence

The Lord Carter Report looks at improving productivity and making efficiency savings in the NHS. It highlights the importance of data quality in producing accurate metrics, and notes that as the national workforce solution - ESR can play a critical role for organisations when implementing its recommendations. Particularly it states that ‘Trusts must get a tighter grip of their coding to the ESR database and use the data in their daily management of staff’ and cited ESR as an ‘enabler’ by providing workforce information and functionality. Click here to view how ESR supports many of the recommendations outlined in the Carter Review.

ESR is a data rich environment, providing a vast range of quality workforce information across the whole workforce solution to employees, managers, and organisations, providing a full hire to retire solution presented in a variety of forms to suit the user. Whether that’s provided through the ESR portal and its portlets as targeted pre-analysed information to assist with managing compliance, to view pay and pension information for the employee, to help manage annual leave or appraisals for people managers, or through the Business Intelligence tool to understand the sickness level and turnover rates at an organisation level; it is all available to you at no cost to the organisation.

As well as the ability to view, and if necessary manipulate information, to monitor and measure performance either as a manager or from a whole organisation’s perspective, the functionality built around the information is designed to aid the user to understand its relevance and meaning. It is also designed to assist the user in taking action, such as improving training compliance for an employee, or adjusting the organisation’s education offering to meet the training demands of staff.

The Five Year Forward View sets out a clear direction for the NHS; it understands the world is changing, stating ‘the NHS needs to adapt to take advantage of the opportunities that science and technology offer patients, carers and those who serve them’. ESR is centrally funded technology; the national workforce management solution, developed uniquely for the NHS by the NHS. Are you fully utilising this technology and gaining optimal efficiencies?

This interactive tool will help you understand how ESR can provide you, your teams, your managers and your employees with right information at the right time unique to the user.  For a consolidated version of the information contained within this segment, please download the 'Executive Summary', located at the bottom of the page under 'Latest Resources'.

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Business Challenges

  1. Have you considered the recommendations in the Carter Report and understood how to meet these challenges?

  2. Do you use high quality data to inform effective workforce planning, local and national reporting, and meeting CQC inspections and audits?

  3. Do you have accurate workforce data to respond to the changing NHS landscape, including new models of care and local STP activities?

  4. Does your workforce data meet the needs of your Board?

  5. Do you have a clear workforce intelligence strategy to support making improvements and efficiencies within your workforce?

  6. Are you able to easily identify and measure against core KPIs for your organisation?

  7. Do you empower your employees and managers to take ownership of their workforce data and those of their teams?

  8. Do your back office teams fully utilise Business Intelligence to support and enhance service they provide?

  9. Do your managers - including your leadership team, have access to ESR Business Intelligence dashboards – providing a near real-time graphical view on your operational KPIs? This is available on desktop or mobile device and provides a highly mobile and agile reporting tool.

Latest Resources

To discuss the functionality available in ESR, to undertake an ESR Assessment on your current and potential usage, or for further information, advice and support please contact your local NHS ESR Functional Account Manager.